Two ways to start your health journey

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Starter Kit $60$55

One month supply of the GEM Essentials of your choice. (30 bites)

Essentials Sampler $39

Try all three of our Essentials to find your perfect bite. (15 bites)

Where Do You Need Support?

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Daily Essentials $60 $55

Daily Multi(bite)amin to fill the gaps in your diet.

Sleep Essentials $60 $55

Fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up restored.

Double up! $120 $110

Powerhouse duo to feel your best day and night.

Choose your Daily Essentials Flavor

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Lemon Raspberry $60 $55

Bright & tangy with a hint of lemon and refreshing raspberry.


Citrus Ginger $60 $55

Citrusy bite with added zinc, probiotics, and turmeric.

Cacao $60 $55

Rich dark chocolate flavor with roasted cacao nibs.

Anything else?

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Calm Essentials

Fine-tune your mood with help from real food. 7 bites included.

Save 17%

Sleep Essentials

Fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up restored. 7 bites included.

Save 8%

Travel Tin

Hold and carry your GEM bites in our reusable travel tin.

Here’s what to expect

Your first month, you'll get four weekly packs of Daily Essentials, a mesh travel pouch, and a home storage container.

Every 25 days we'll queue up your next month's supply. You can cancel, skip, or swap flavors anytime.

Each Sampler contains 5 bites each of Sleep, Daily Essentials with Immune Support + Daily Essentials Cacao. Try all three, pick your favorite, and in 25 days we’ll ship your next monthly delivery.
Daily Essentials Citrus Ginger
Daily Essentials Cacao
Daily Essentials Lemon Raspberry
Daily Essentials Peppermint
Sleep Essentials
Calm Essentials