Our health deserves better.

After an intense bout of breakouts, adrenal fatigue, and more, I discovered I was simply deficient in key vitamins and minerals, though I've always been a considerably health-conscious person.

I turned to the supplement aisle for a fix but soon realized that vitamins, as they exist today, are filled with more BS than truth.

Why do we question the ingredients in everything from our food to our face cream, but not our vitamins? How has the composition of the multivitamin remained the same over the past 60 years when our environment and health issues have changed so drastically? With more environmental stressors than ever before and a depleted food system, who are these vitamins even catering to?

Through obsessive research, we identified the most common nutrients women need and built a new type of vitamin— with real food. Sustainably sourced, delicious to eat, easy to digest and designed for a modern more holistic lifestyle.

Built with purpose.




Absorbs Slower

Slower, more effective metabolization of ingredients are easier to digest because nutrients are in whole, healthy food form.

Absorbs Faster

Quicker release of ingredients and lack of necessary co-nutrients leads to ineffective absorption and difficult digestion.


We’re free of synthetic colorants & filters, artificial ingredients, harmful derivatives, indigestible binders, and added sugar, soy, corn, gluten, animal, and dairy.


Capsules from cow skin? Vitamin D from sheep’s wool? Titanium dioxide, PEG, mercury, pesticides, GMOs, parabens, gelatin. Yes, that’s f*@$#ed up.


GEM is made from the ground up, not the lab. Our beliefs: minimally processed, plants always, less is more, and algae wherever possible.


Don’t be fooled by the size of a capsule: it takes a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo to trick your body into believing a vitamin is real.


Women experience 2x more stress than men, that's why we focus on stress and include adaptogens to help stabilize mood and promote mental clarity.


Packed with more nutrients than you actually need, the average multivitamin doesn't take into consideration how our lives and dietary needs have evolved.

For women and the planet.

Women simply have different anatomies than men. Through obsessive research, our founder together with our lead scientific team identified the 15 nutrients women need most based on common American diet deficiencies and ailments. From Vitamin D, Magnesium and Iron to Ashwagandha and Astaxanthin, GEM is more than your average multi-vitamin designed especially with women in mind.

Picture of Sara

With love,
Sara Cullen
CEO & Founder of GEM